Breaking the genre bounds Syrenomelia is an eclectic blend of indie, gothic rock and atmospheric metal. With dark aesthetics and genuine sincerity, Syrenomelia deliver thought provoking songs around themes such as psychological turmoil and subversive sexuality.

Founded in 2018, Syrenomelia is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Wim Lankriet, formerly of Roadburn Festival alum Magdalena Solis. Syrenomelia is the culmination of years spent experimenting with different genres and styles, letting go of preconceptions, rules and stereotypes, to instead channel pure emotion and personal vision into soul-baring songs.
A debut EP “A Rose Shattered” was self-released in November 2019 and a first full-length is coming soon.

Wim Lankriet is a Belgian songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player. His signature sound is created by mixing influences from pop/rock with elements from cinematic and atmospheric music. His lyrics are reflections on the dark and deviant sides of the human psyche, mostly based on personal experiences.

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